#10 Heavy Duty Zipper, Nickel-brass Zipper, Non-separating Metal Zipper

#10 Heavy Weight Nickel-brass Zipper

Size 10#
Type Close End

Zipper Type: Close end
Feature: Auto Lock
Size: #10
Material: Metal, Nickel-brass
Made from the finest quality metal to ensure extra strength & reliability.
Perfect for crafts, costume design, kids clothing, boutique accessories, costume decorating etc.
A strong and endurable zipper for all types of jeans providing strength and fashion.

Zipper size Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Chain

Teeth Color

metal zipper teeth color

Teeth Type

metal zipper teeth type

Color Shade

zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
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