100% Polyester Embroidery Thread 120D/2

120D/2 3000yds Embroidery Machine Thread


120D 2 100% Polyester embroidery thread for computerized embroidery machine

MH embroidery thread includes 100% rayon embroidery thread, 100% polyester embroidery thread

Annual capacity: 10000+ tons

Packing: 0.5kg to 1kg/big cone, each cone sealed in clear shrink wrap

Specification: 75d/2, 108d/2, 120d/2, 150d/2, 150d/3, 300d/2, 300d/3, 300d/, 300d/2*3, etc.

Features: excellent color fastness/good abrasion resistance/high tenacity/low shrinkage/extensive color range

MH embroidery thread industry has a complete set of production lines for spinning, dyeing, winding and shaping, the working shop is around 20000 m2 with 400 skillful workers.

100% Polyester embroidery thread is made of polyester FED yarn dyed with disperse dyes on 125-135℃, this high sheen polyester thread for machine embroidery has outstanding tensile strength and color-fastness

Polyester thread offers outstanding performance for today's sophisticated computerized sewing machines, these threads on any home or Industrial machine like Brother, Janome, Singer, Bernina, Pfaff, etc.

Suitable for embroidery on clothing or accessories which are subject to wear-and-tear or frequent laundry, like caps, headwear, bags and accessories, team logo on sportswear, home textiles and children’s wear and sportswear, decorative seams on lingerie, children’s wear and sportswear.

Product details

light green embroidery machine thread

Our products include various kinds of threads, like spun polyester sewing thread, corespun polyester sewing thread, eco-friendly recycled polyester sewing thread, waterproof sewing thread, anti-UV sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, nylon bonded thread, embroidery thread, polyester textured yarn, metallic yarn, fishing twine, etc. available in different sizes and specifications to meet all customers' needs.

MH thread

Polyester embroidery thread color card: Over 400 different colors available

Color Cards are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

polyester embroidery thread Color Card
polyester embroidery thread Color Card
polyester embroidery thread Color Card
polyester embroidery thread Color Card

Packing: 12cones/box, 10boxes/carton

embroidery thread packing
embroidery thread packing
embroidery thread packing
embroidery thread packing
embroidery thread packing

Certificate: OEKO-TEX standard 100 Annex 6 Class 1

polyester sewing threads certificate


Suitable for ladies suits, silk, handbag, lace embroidery, etc.

jeans embroidery thread
cap embroidery thread
underwear embroidery thread

Factory Tour:

MH Embroidery Thread factory was set up in 2003, has a complete set of production line for spinning, dyeing, winding and shaping, which ensures high-efficient and high-quality mass production for rayon embroidery thread, annual producing capacity is 3000 tons

We can provide high tenacity, few knots, good color fastness, soft hand feeling embroidery threads for customers.

ordinary wire winding machine

Ordinary wire winding machine

high speed winding machine

High speed winding machine

slack winding

Slack winding





Automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging machine

inverted yarn

Inverted yarn

dual type twister

Dual type twister

About Ningbo MH

Ningbo MH was established in 1999, specialized in garment accessories and tailoring materials.
At present, MH owns nine factories located in 3 industry zones, with 382,000m2 plant area and 1900 workers, producing polyester sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and embroidery, ribbon & tape.
MH also set up long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers for 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric.


MH Embroidery Thread factory has certificates of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO18001:2007

MH China ISO certificate
MH China ISO certificate
MH China ISO certificate
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