20cm Woven Elastic Band

20.2cm Wide Woven Elastic Boots

Width 20.2cm
Technics Woven
Weight 166.5g

Width: 20.2cm
Weight: 166.5g/m
It is best suited for lightweight fabrics and doesn't narrow when stretched.
It is also not effected by needle piercing making it as suitable for direct fabric application as it is for casings

Width 20.2cm
Weight 166.5g/m
Material Polyester + Latex
Technics Woven
MOQ 20,000yds
Feature Features good flexibility, excellent performance.
Certificate ISO9001
Packing 25m/roll, 40m/bobbin
Capacity 20x20ft container monthly
Application Great for waistbands, sleeves, legbangs, scrunching and more
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