V69 Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread

V69 Tex 70 Nylon Bonded Thread


210D/3 #69 Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread

Nylon bonded sewing thread is made of polyamide 6.6 synthetic fiber, popular name Nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fiber, through a special process to bonded while twisting the fiber, then sticking and finalize all-fiber together like one, while sewing, the bonded thread does not disentwine, not cottony, high resistance to abrasion.

The sewing effect is very wonderful due to the advantage of nylon material and the effectual disposal of lubricants.

Denier of 35d to 500d, with Elongation % Min-Max: 14-35. 80% no knot and 20% one knot.

Make raw white and dyed colors.

It is available in different sizes and dimensions.

Main specification: 45d/2, 70d/3, 105d/3, 135d/3, 150d/3, 210d/3, 270d/3, 400d/3, 450d/3 and 500d/3, etc.

Excellent Tenacity

Excellent UV and abrasion protection

Lowly Elongation

High Waterproof Property

Loose Strands Prevented

Excellent Seam Strength & Appearance

Extensive Color Range

210D/2, 210D/3, 250D/3
Mainly used in leather and leather products: such as leather shoes, leather bags, suitcases, leather clothing
Thicker fabrics: dental floss, travel shoes, travel bags, tents, fabric sofas, bedding, sofas, etc.


bonded polyester thread use
bonded polyester thread use
bonded polyester thread use
bonded polyester thread use
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