Wholesale Polyester Satin Fabric

75D*150D Polyester Satin Fabric

Model 8103-0058
Width 150cm
Weight 80gsm
Composition 100% Polyester

Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 150cm

Count: 75D*150D

Weight: 80gsm

Luxury feel and aesthetic, floaty drape, versatile, smooth and lustrous surface

Can be used for dresses, skirts, wedding dresses, festival skirts, gowns, cloth linings, blazer linings, skirt linings, top linings, etc


Name Spec Other
satin Fabric 75D*150D,120g/m,150cm 120g/m,240g/m
Stretched satin Fabric 75D*150D,190g/m,150cm 190-210g/m
Spandex satin Fabric 100D*100D+40D,200*98,170g/m,150cm  


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