#8 Jacket Zipper, Separating Jacket Zipper, Metal Open Ended Zips

#8 Antique Brass Separating Zippers

Size 8#
  • Auto Lock
  • Open End

Size: #8
Zipper type: Open end, auto lock
Metal material: Anique-nickel
Common uses: Leather jackets, motorcycle jackets, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, coats, everyday jackets
#5 antique nickel zippers are made of medium-weight metal and feature teeth that measure approximately 5mm (1/4 inch) wide when zipped.
Zippers separate at the bottom, jacket-style.
The zipper teeth have a dull silver finish.
These are one-way zippers (they have one slider).
They are perfect for when you prefer a dull silver look to a dull brass look.

Zipper size Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Chain

Teeth Color

metal zipper teeth color

Teeth Type

metal zipper teeth type

Color Card

zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
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