9325HF Cotton Shirt Collar Interlining

9325HF Shirt Collar Interlining Fabric

Model 6421-0047
Width 90cm
Weight 165gsm
Composition 100% Cotton
Name Shirt Interlining Fabric
Material 100% Cotton
Width 165cm
Weight 20S*20S/60*40
Coating HDPE
Construction Woven and plain
Handfeel Soft, medium-hard and stiff
Feature Durable high-quality virgin materials
Color White, Black, Grey, etc.
Washing Condition Water cleaning/Dry cleaning
Packing 100m/roll
usage Shirt collar interlining is mainly used for men's and women's shirts, uniforms, Arab robes, hats (nurse hat) and other clothing collar, cuffs, placket and etc.
our products 8505HF, 8505SF, 9325HF, 9325SF, 2060HF, 2060SF, etc.
Pressing condition temperature: 170-175℃, pressure: 3.0-4.0kg/cm3, time:15-20sec

Various Weight

shirt collar interlining

Sample Card

shirt collar interlining


shirt collar interlining roll

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