Aluminium Covered Mould Buttons

Covered Mould Button


Sketch Map Name INSTRUCTION:
Pusher Pusher (For use with 5/8” cover button kit)
1.Cut pattern from back of package and place on fabric.
2. Use pattern to cut fabric circle. Then center fabric circle
(wrong side up) over mold.
3. Hold fabric securely while pressing button shell into mold.
4.Tuck excess fabric into button shell. Position back and use
pusher to press down back until it snaps into place.
Back Back
Button Shell Button Shell
Fabric Fabric
Mold Mold


Model 0301-5900
Size 18L
Material Aluminum+Aluminum
Model 0301-5502
Size 15mm
Material Copper
Model 0301-5500
Size 38mm
Material Copper
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