Copper/Iron/Stainless Steel/Alloy Jeans Buttons

Jeans Button

Material:copper, iron, stainless steel, alloy
Size:15mm, 17mm, 20mm
MOQ:50000pcs for iron material, 20000pcs for other materials
Process:Plating, painting
Style:Plain surface or with logo
Usage:Jeans and jeans wear, etc.

Model MHNB-0014
Material iron
Model MHNB-0013
Material iron
Model MHNB-0012
Model MHNB-0011
Model MHNB-0010
Model MHNB-0008
Model MHNB-0007
Model MHNB-0006
Model MHNB-0004
Material Alloy
Model MHNB-0003
Material alloy
Model MHNB-0002
Material Alloy
Model MHNB-0001
Material alloy
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