Iron/Zinc Copper Press Stud Buttons

Press Stud Button

Material: iron, zinc copper
Size: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# etc
Style: card packing, bulk packing
Process: plating
Color: nickel, black
MOQ: 300 great gross
Pack: card packing (36 sets/card or 24 sets/card); bulk packing(500 sets/bag)

Model MH020
Material zinc alloy
Model 0300-5701
Size 1#
Material nickel
Model 0300-5800
Size 0#
Material Zinc Alloy
Model 0300-5700
Size 0#
Material Zinc Alloy
Model 0300-5611
Size 14mm
Model 0300-5608B
Size 24mm
Model 0300-5602
Size 19mm
Model 0300-5600
Size 17mm
Model 0300-5122
Size 0#
Material Zinc Alloy
Model 0300-5000A
Size 00#
Material Zinc Alloy
Model 0300-0128
Size 18mm
Material Plastic
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