Resin or Plastic Fancy Buttons

Fancy Button

Size:according to mould
Type:four-holes, two-holes, ox horn shape
Process:Electroplating, uv electroplating, oil paint, diamond setting, dyeing
MOQ:1000RMB for single color and single size
Usage:fashion fileds

Model 17NN-0262-0273
Model 17NN-0209-0261
Model 17NN-0113-0154
Model 17NN-0071-0112
Model 17NN-0055-0070
Model 17NN-0037-0054
Model 17NN-0001-0036
Model MHNB-0019
Model MHNB-0018
Model MHNB-0016
Model MHNB-0015
Model MHNB-0014
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