Ox Horn Button

Imitation OX Horn Buttons

Ox Horn Button

Material Ox horn
Size According to mould
Type four-holes, two-holes
Process Dyeing, laser, fire-polishing
MOQ 1000RMB for single color and single size
Usage Cheongsam, fashion

Packing for two-holes and four-holes

Carton size: 45*32*31cm

18L: 1728pcs/bag, 60bags/ctn
20L: 1728pcs/bag, 55bags/ctn
22L: 1728pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn
24L: 1728pcs/bag, 35bags/ctn
28L: 1728pcs/bag, 25bags/ctn
32L: 720pcs/bag, 50bags/ctn
34L: 720pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn
36L: 720pcs/bag, 35bags/ctn
40L: 144pcs/bag, 100bags/ctn
44L: 144pcs/bag, 80bags/ctn
48L: 144pcs/bag, 50bags/ctn
50L: 144pcs/bag, 45bags/ctn
54L: 144pcs/bag, 40bags/ctn
60L: 144pcs/bag, 30bags/ctn
70L: 144pcs/bag, 15bags /ctn

Certificate ISO9001


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