Imitation OX Horn Buttons

Ox Horn Button

Material:Ox horn
Size:According to mould
Type:four-holes, two-holes
Process:Dyeing, laser, fire-polishing
MOQ:1000RMB for single color and single size
Usage:Cheongsam, fashion

Model 0316-1636
Size 13.6*40mm
Model 0316-1632
Size 15*50mm
Model 0316-1621
Size 12.1*14.7*45.9mm
Model 0316-1617
Size 18.2*9.5*50.4mm
Model 0316-1612
Size 20.6*49.2mm
Model 0316-1610
Size 18.5*49.5mm
Model 0316-1609
Size 20.5*52mm
Model 0316-1607
Size 15.6*40.9mm
Model 0316-1604
Size 16.5*45.4mm
Model 0316-1601
Size 10.6*37.3mm
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