150D+40D*150D+40D TPU Coated Waterproof Fabric

Cationic Dyed Poly Spandex Fabric with Cross Dyed Effects

Weight 320gsm
Composition 96%Polyester 4%Spandex

Material:  96%Polyester+4%Spandex

Yarn Count: 150D+40D*150D+40D

Weight: 320gsm

Post processing: TPU coating, brushed treatment


Thermoplastic polyurethane, the first application of TPU is an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, and performs better in terms of low temperature properties, wear resistance, flexural properties, and plasticizer migration.

Cationic Dyed fabric performs better in terms of hygroscopicity, anti-pilling and anti-static than conventional polyester fabric does. High colorfastness and the color of cationic polyester fabric is darker than that of ordinary.

Application: The fabric is widely applied to sportswear, casual coat, winter jacket...

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