Cotton Cross Stitch Threads, Cotton Embroidery Threads

Cotton Cross Stitch Thread, Cotton Embroidery Thread


Cotton Cross Stitch Thread, Cotton Embroidery Thread

Material: 100% long staple cotton yarn

Counts: 40/2, 40/3, 30/2, 30/3, 20/2, 32/s, 6/3, 9/2, etc.

Packing: 5g/ball, 6g/ball, 10g/ball, 20g/ball, 45g/ball, 50g/ball, 100g/ball

Colors: over 200 different colors

Capacity: 80tons/year

Each skein includes 6 strands/strings. Made of polyester cotton,which is more flexible and stronger.

The six strands, separate easily and can be used in single strand, double strands or more for perfect stitching into all and any type of fabrics adjusting thickness to your desire

The cross stitch floss could be used for making friendship bracelets, children's crafts, cross stitch projects, tassels or any holiday decorations. For example, embroider your blouse or T-shirt with beautiful design.

Certificates: ISO9001, Oeko-Tex

MH brand cotton thread adopts long staple cotton yarn from Xinjiang of China, after twisting, dyeing, mercerizing and winding, it comes into present form


cotton thread packing


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