25mm x 25m Nylon Mix Polyester Hook and Loop

30% Nylon 70% Polyester Hook and Loop 25mm

Material Nylon/Polyester
Width 25mm
Type Fastener

Material:30% Nylon 70% Polyester
Width: 25mm
Packing: 25mts/roll, 20pairs.rolls/ctn
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Heat Resistance
Color: White/Black
Certificate: ISO9001-2001, SGS
These are countless uses for non-adhesive, sew-on hook and loop.
It can be used on clothing, as originally designed, to replace zipper and buttons.
Hook and loop is great for holding tools and equipment to walls and on backpacks, handbags and luggage.

Width Packing Size
20mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 24pair.rolls/ctn
25mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 20pair.rolls/ctn
38mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 12pair.rolls/ctn
50mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 10pair.rolls/ctn
75mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 6pair.rolls/ctn
100mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 5pair.rolls/ctn

Color Card

Hook and loop color card

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