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Embroidered Wool Fabric

Grey Embroidery Wool Fabric

Category: Fashion Lace Fabric
Model M007517
Width 130cm
Material 100% Cotton

Material: 100% cotton

Width: 130cm

Content: 40s/2 PP thread

Grey wool fabric embroidered with dancing girl, star, crown, love, envelope

The wool fabric keeps heat close to the body by trapping still or dead air within the fibers.

It is soft, durable and safe, which can stand a lot of wear and tear.

It is used for all kinds of clothing.


1. We provides all-in-one service package, from designing, sample making, maufacturing, dying, ironing to delivering.

2. W have more than 50 professional staff, providing one-to one service, making sure the products would be delivered on time with high quality.

3. There are 20 distinguished members of the design team, they can desing with their developing vision or as customers' request.

4. We can do all cotton lace fabric, polycotton lace, embroidered mesh fabric, guipure lace fabric, organza fabric, wedding fabric, underwear lace, sequins/rhinestone lace fabric or any other fabrics which can be embroidered.

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Lace Usage

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