Laser Cut Embroidery Fabric

Laser Cut Organza Fabric

Model No. WJ10059
Width 127cm
Composition Organza

Laser cut organza fabric

30D*30D/37*43 nylon organza fabric +45G water soluble paper +100% polyester fabric

127cm Wide

Laser-cut fabrics are used throughout the textile industry for everything from fashion items such as sewing dress, shirt, skirt, shawl, scarf, pillowcase, tablecloth, curtains.

Laser cutting is so popular within the textile industry.


1. Can be customer design

2. Fast delivery

3. Own dyeing factory, fast lab-dips making, easy for color control.

4. Over 40 skilled designers, more than 40 sets of shuttle machines and over 300 sets of multi-head machines, more than 1000 skilled workers, Professional sales teams.

5. 10 sets of sample machines, fast reaction for customer sample requirements.

6. We have the ability to design, custom made and instant pattern making, etc.

Lace Usage

Lace application

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