Recently, MH tape factory replaced the more than 10 years old machines of cotton lace products, the new equipment has better performance as below:

First, the machine is streamlined and much cleaner, the entire workshop layout is more reasonable.

Second, the new machines have automatic shutdown device, that could reduce noise, improve safety performance.

Third, the speed is accelerated, the equipment failure rate is greatly reduced, and the efficiency is increased by about 30%, at the same time, the stability is increased, the wastage is reduced, and the maintenance cost is saved.

Forth, The new equipment can produce much finer lace, like lace made of 60S/3 and 80S/3 yarn, which could not be produced by the old machines, broadening the product line, enriching the variety and improving the quality.

A good workman must first sharpen his tools. In order to fulfill customers’ orders and give better serve to customers, we strive to improve.