The Most Popular Tailoring Materials in Nigeria


    Lagos is a major Africa financial center and is the economic hub of Lagos state and Nigeria at large, the megacity has the fourth highest GDP in African and the largest and busiest seaports on the continent Apapa port complex and Tincan island port. Lagos the busiest city in Nigeria also have a large scale of business districts and market places, the market in Lagos offers a broad and diverse range of new, second hand goods, products and merchandise for consumers, the notable market in Lagos include: Alaba international market, Balogun market, oshodi market, yaba market, mushin market e.t.c, Balogun Market is one of the largest markets in the city of Lagos, where both locally made and imported fabrics, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories can be purchase, Balogun market is in the heart of Lagos Island and MH Lagos office is also located at that part of the island at 95 broad street Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria. Where MH is in control of the market with about 75% of the customer and 25% are controlled by other Chinese companies like Wanhe, Yisun, HF e.t.c on fabrics, tailoring materials. Domestic items also the MH Lagos office are in control of oshodi market, yaba market, mushin market, trade fair market and iyanopaja market this is the major market in Lagos state that deals with MH related goods.

    Onitsha market is one of the largest markets in West Africa based on its geographical size and volume of goods, it is based in the city of Onitsha the commercial capital of Anambra state in southeastern Nigeria and governed by the Onitsha market trades association (OMATA). The Onitsha Main market is the major market that deals on fabrics, tailoring materials, curtain accessories e.t.c and MH office is also located at that market area from my research MH Onitsha office have 55% control of the customers in the market and about 45% are for other Chinese companies like Ribbeca, yusin, HF and Hi Anna. The Onitsha city still has other markets like "China of Africa" because of its versatility in the market footwear, fabrics and other leather works.

    MH Aba does not have a standby office now and but still in control of the market with 55% control over other Chinese company e.g Wanhe, Yisun and Fu.

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