Elastic Braid / Tape

Knitted Elastic, Woven Elastic Waistband for Underwear Factory in China

Elastic Braid / Tape

Elastic webbings are available in either knitted, woven, jacquard or braided varieties in white or black or color.

MH factory supply sewing elastic such as braided elastic, draw cord elastic, buttonhole elastic, gripper elastic, knitted elastic, custom logo jacquard elastic, woven elastic, etc.

Woven Elastic Band

  • The woven elastic made from polyester filler, polyester warp, is a thicker, more durable material compared to the knitted or the braided. Woven elastic is perfect for better garments or heavier industrial applications
  • Materials: polyester, latex, nylon, spandex
  • Width:1~15cm
  • Packing: bobbin, roll

Knitted Elastic Tape

  • Knitted elastics are soft, strong and appropriate for a variety of sewing applications. They don't narrow when stretched and their characteristics are unchanged when stiched and are unaffeccted by needle piercing.
  • Knitted elastic is perfect for applications in children's wear, sportswear, and light industrial uses.
  • Materials: polyester, latex
  • Width: 0.3cm~30cm
  • Packing: bobbin, roll

Braided Elastic

  • Braided elastic is a lightweight sewing elastic. This is an ideal elastic for waistbands, sleeves, necklines and legbands and sewn in casings. It is often used in swimwear and sports wear and children clothing.
  • Materials: polyester, PP, latex
  • Width:3~25mm
  • Packing: bobbin, card, plastic bobbin

Jacquard Elastic Webbing

  • Jacquard Elastic is an important Sewing Accessories items. It is mainly used for making underwear, sportswear, athletic wear, yoga and performance apparel .It is also used for making Trouser, Jacket, ,Sweater etc.
  • Materials: polyester, nylon, spandex, latex, …..
  • Width:1.5~6cm
  • Packing: bobbin, roll








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