Hook & Loop

25mm 100% Nylon Hook and Loop Tape

25mm Hook and Loop Fastener Tape

Category: More Hook & Loop
Model 6130-0006
Material Nylon
Width 25mm
Type Sew-on fastener tape

Material: 100% Nylon
Width: 1" (25mm)
Grade A quality
Sew-on hook and loop fastener tape
Black or white or as color card
Ideal where thousands of openings/closings are required, widely used for garments, shoes, ties, gloves, bags, curtain, sports equipment, etc.
MH supply all kind of hook and loop as sew on, self-adhesive, back to back, dots/coins style, elastic loop, injection hook, hook & loop cable tie and etc.

Width Packing size Volume
20mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 24pair.rolls/ctn 0.072cbm/ctn
25mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 20pair.rolls/ctn
38mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 12pair.rolls/ctn
50mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 10pair.rolls/ctn
75mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 6pair.rolls/ctn
100mm 25pairs.mts/pair.roll, 5pair.rolls/ctn
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