Polyester Mattress Tape

Diamond Mattress Edge Tape

Diamond Pattern Mattress Tape

Category: More Polyester Mattress Tape
Model 6135-0016
Material Polyester
Width 40mm
Type Woven
Weight 18.1g/m

Material: 100% Polyester
Width: 40mm
Weight: 18.1g/m
Technics: Jacquard
Overlock finished
Fully Drawn Yarn
Different kinds of patterns as customer's demand
Available for different color
Available in FR treated
High yarn counts for superior durability
Consistent color and fastness
Distinct look and smooth tailoring
Soft and stronger
Mattress tapes are offered in an array of widths, colors, designs, textures, constructions and finishes.
Used for quilting the edge of spring net mattress, foam mattress, sofas
By roll, 100m or 150m per roll
By spool, 150m or 400m per spool


mattress edge tape roll

Packing Procedure:

mattress tape packing procedure

The advantage of spool packing:

mattress tape advantage packing

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