Wrapping Paper for Gift and Flower Packaging

Flower Wrapping

Flower wrapping paper which is used to wrap flowers bouquet by flower shop.

The composition of floral wrapping material contains 100% polyester fiber tissue paper, crepe paper, OPP, non-woven fabric, mesh net fabric, English newspaper, cellophane, Kraft paper, cotton paper, available in many colors.

Suitable for any occasions: Party, birthday, Christmas, Easter, wedding, Valentines' Day, graduation, Mother's day, Father's day, congratulations, handcraft, etc

Model 2247-0032
Material Kraft Paper
Width 52*75*0.0009cm
Material Crepe Paper
Width 50*250cm
Material Plastic
Width 54*54cm
Material Plastic
Width 60*60cm
Material Non Woven
Width 60cm
Material PP
Width 53cm*10yds/roll
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