Twisted Rope

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Twisted Rope

Twisted cord is very versatile.

All cords come in a variety of widths ranging from 1mm to 10mm and an abundance of different colors to accommodate your crafting needs.

Piping cord, barley twist and twisted cords for upholstery and home dec projects, it can trim edges of pillows, sachets.

Model 0372-1B
Weight 0.5/1N*100g/ball
Model 0372-1C
Weight 0.6/1N*200g/roll
Model 0371-6028
Size 4mm
Model 0371-6113
Size 8mm
Model 0371-6181
Model 6207-0032
Size 10mm
Model 0371-6214
Size 5mm
Model 0371-6215
Size 5mm
Model 0371-6074
Size 7+17mm
Model 0371-6077
Size 10mm
Model 0371-6139
Size 15mm
Model 0371-6152
Size 9mm
Model 0371-6228
Size 9mm+14mm
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