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GC8500 Series:Feed Machanism Components

Category: High-speed lockstitch



7506-9218 Feed bolder shaft  7506-9228 Feed crank screw 
7506-9219 Feed rocker7506-9229 Feed rocker crank pin 
7506-9220Feed rocker shaft bushing 7506-9230Longer feed driving rocker slate 
7506-9221 Feed rocker shaft retaining ring7506-9231 Feed rocking shaft connecting rod pin 
7506-9222Feed rocker shaft 7506-9232Shofter feed driving rocker slate  
7506-9223 Feed Bar Body Subassembly7506-9233  Shorter feed driving rocker slate connecting pin
7506-9208Feed drivc eccentric cam asm 7506-9234Feed driving rocker slate subassembly
7506-9261 Screw7506-9235  Feed rocking shaft connecting rod 
7506-9226Feed regulator stud  7506-9124 Reverse feed control lever
7506-9224 Feed lifting shaft crank 7506-9236 Feed reversing spring 
7506-9225Feed driving shaft 7506-9237Feed reverse lever clamping screw 
7506-9227 Feed driving shaft crank 7506-9238  Feed reverse crank subassembly 
   7506-9239Feed reverse lever hinge screw 
   7506-9240 Feed reverse shaft O-rign 
   7506-9241Feed reverse connecting rod 
   7506-9242 Feed regulator bushing  
   7506-9243Feed reguiator 
   7506-9121  Lock pin 
   7506-9185Adjusting link spring  
   7506-9186 Feed spring hook 

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