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Category: Knitting Loom
Material ABS Plastic
Size 55 * 5 cm/ 21.6 * 2 inch

Material: ABS Plastic 

Color:  Random Color.

Size: About 55 * 5 cm/ 21.6 * 2 inch(L*W).

Comes with a yarn needle and a soft grip loom pick.
- Perfect for DIY making hats, scarves, socks, shawls and much more you like.
- Great for beginners or those experienced with the craft.
- The looms are light weight and easy to use.


Wrap the end of the yarn around the peg to fasten the yarn in place.

Start wrapping the yarn between the pegs in a figure 8 motion as shown starting with peg 1,2,3...until you wrap the yarn around enough pegs to match the desired width of your arctie. 

Knitting Looms Long


When getting to the last even numbered peg you want (e.g. Peg 24), wrap and pull the yarn straight across the loom to the opposite odd numbered peg (peg 23) and wrap it as shown(Now there are 2 loops on this peg). Wrap the even numbered peg (peg 22) diagonal to the peg (peg 23) just wrapped instead of wrapping the even numbered peg (peg 24) across from the peg (peg 23)(as pic a).

Knitting Looms Long


Continue wrapping backward to peg 1 in figure 8 motion, following the lines of the previous rows. Once wrapping peg 1 again, pull the yarn straight across between peg 2&4.

Knitting Looms Long


Holding the yarn withe the left thumb as pictured, use the enclosed hook to lift the bottom yarn loop over the top loom and off peg 1. Repeat until all bottom loops are over top loops and off pegs. Start to wrap from peg 2 and repeat step 1-3 until the yarn wraps around peg 1 again. Use the hook to repeat lifting the bottom yarn loops over the top looms and off each peg. Continue repeating the above mentioned method until your article reaches the desired length.

Knitting Looms Long


After finishing a few rows, remove the original end of the yarn from the peg on edge and leave it hanging.(Note:The knitting will be very loose.). When the article reaches the desired length and only one row of the loop remains on the pegs, you are ready to remove the yarn from the loom. Use the hook to lift the loop off the pegs starting from the first odd numbered peg(e.g.peg 2). Now that you have 2 loops in the hook, pull the second loop through the first.

Continue to the next odd numbered peg, then the even numbered and the odd numbered and so forth. Always pull the next loop through the previous one.

Knitting Looms Long


After finishing pulling the last loop through, cut the yarn but leave a few inches. Pull the yarn tail through the last loop on the hook. Pull the yarn to tighten and weave back to the article (Scarf). Weave the end of the original yarn to the opposite end of the article (scarf), and you're done.

Knitting Looms Long
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