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Punch Needle Set

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Model 0341-7020


Holding The Needle

1.Hold the punch needle on its Grip.

2.Face the needle front(bevel)in intended direction and keep in a vertical position.

Threading The Needle


Insert the threader into the punch needle from the needle point and completely through its barrel until it comes out the opposite end of the punch needle.

2.Insert thread/yarn into the threader loop and pull the threader back out of the needle.

Pull the thread/yarn downward out of the threader tip end remove the thread or yarn from the threader.

3.Insert the threader through the needle eye from the needle back of the needle tip.

4.Place the end of the thread/yarn into the threader and pull the threader back out of the needle eye.

Pull the thread/yarn downward out of the threader tip and remove the thread/yarn from the threader.

5.Threading is completed.

Punching Technique

1.Puch needle should penetrate all the way into the fabricso the Grip of the needle touches the fabric.The needle must be pushed all the way in on each stitch to make an even look.

2.Lift needle out of fabric,just enough to move to next stitch.Keep the needle as close to the material as possible.Lifting the needle too high shortens the loops on the front of the desigh and creates unwanted loops on the back.

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