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wonder knitter

Category: Knitting Loom
Model mhnm-0022

Material:Body:ABS resin/Disk:ABS resin

            Knitting hook:Polyacetal

1.With wonder knitter you can create fashionable knitted accessories.

2.As you rotate the disk,the yarn is drawn into position for easy continuous knitting.

3.The  wonder knitter comes with two inter-changeable rotating disks for knitting two different widths of braid.

4.Varitey of yarns you can knit:

a)3-pin disk;Approx.1/2 in./12mm width

b)6-pin disk;Approx.1 in./25mm width

How to use Wonder Knitter


1.Place the end of yarn into cylinder.

During first few rounds of knitting,stitches are loose and easily come off the pins.Hold the end of yarn lightly with your finger as shown in picture.

2.Wrap yarn clockwise around each pin.

3.Set the yarn into holder guide.

<How to knit>

1.Turn disk clockwise so that yarn from holder-guide is above the stitch on the next pin.

2.Place knitting hook from top to bottom through loop on pin.Twist knitting hook up and away from you,pulling the loop over loose yarn and onto pin.

3.Turn disk clockwise by one interval between pins,and continue knitting.

<Adding beads on yarn>

1.Thread beads on the yarn before setting it into Wonder Knitter.

2.Set yarn as instructed above and start knitting.When you want to insert a bead,hold up yarn and slip bead between the pin you last hooked onto and the next pin.

3.IIIustration shows how to set yarn back in the guide and hook it on the next pin.Continue knitting by repeating steps 2 and 3.

<How to end>

1.Place tip of the needle under the string.

2.Hook upper string and pull it through.Finish all in order 1,2 and 3.

3.Take out knitted material and pull string tight to finish.

Insert knitted material in the hole on side,and you can set the Wonde Knitter upright when you have a break while knitting.

Do not draw meterial through the hole while knitting.

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