Knitting Needle, Aluminum Knitting Needle, Bamboo Knitting Needle, Porcelain Knitting Needle

Knitting Needle

A knitting needle or knitting pin is a tool in hand-knitting to produce knitted fabrics.

Knitting Needles We offer a large selection of knitting needles in all sizes and materials for your next knitting project.

From smooth metal to warm bamboo and wood, you'll find a knitting needle that feels just right in your hands.

Model 0332-8001
Size 3.81mm*18cm
Material Aluminum
Model 0332-8300
Size 4.0mm*20cm
Material Aluminum
Packing 4pcs/set
Model 0332-8200
Size 12.7mm*35cm
Material Aluminum
Packing 2pcs
Model 0332-8400
Size 8.0mm*35cm
Material Aluminum
Packing 2pcs
Model 0333-7133
Size 3.5mm*35cm
Material Aluminum
Packing 2pcs
Model 0333-7400
Size 200mm
Material Bamboo
Model 0332-9200
Size 9.0mm*350mm,12mm*350mm
Material Bamboo
Packing 2pcs/set/PVC bag
Model 0332-9102
Size 9mm*350mm, 12mm*350mm
Material Wooden
Packing 2pcs/set/PVC bag
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