Polyester Embroidery Thread

High Quality 150D/3 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread 5000 YDS

Polyester Embroidery Thread 5000yds Black

Category: More Polyester Embroidery Thread

High quality 150d/3 100% polyester embroidery thread 5000 yds

MH embroidery thread includes 100% rayon embroidery thread, 100% polyester embroidery thread

Annual capacity: 10000+ tons

Packing: 0.5kg to 1kg/big cone

Specification: 75d/2, 108d/2, 120d/2, 150d/2, 150d/3, 300d/2, 300d/3, 300d/, 300d/2*3, etc.

Features: excellent color fastness/good abrasion resistance/high tenacity/low shrinkage/extensive color range

MH embroidery thread industry has a complete set of production line for spinning, dyeing, winding and shaping, working shop is around 20000 m2 with 400 skillful workers.

100% Polyester embroidery thread is made of polyester FED yarn dyed with dispense dyes on 125-135℃, has excellent color fastness and good abrasion resistance

Suitable for high speed multi-head embroidery machines

Used to sports wear,stonewashing jeans, workwear, safetywear, cap, etc.

Product details

polyester embroidery thread 150d 3

Color Card: 400 different colors for choice

embroidery thread color chart


rayon embroidery threads packing

Factory Tour: 10000+ tons annual output

embroidery threads factory


polyester embroidery thread usage

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