Metallic Yarn

MHS (ST) Type 65% 150D Polyester 35% Metallic Yarns

MHS (ST) Type 65% 150D Polyester 35% Metallic Yarn

Category: More Metallic Yarn

MHS (ST) Type 65% 150D Polyester 35% Metallic yarn

Composition: M type flat metallic yarn supported with 150D or 120D polyster,rayon yarn,or other filament yarn. Or polyester yarn and rayon yarn is wrapped by metallic yarn.

Tube: paper Horn-shaped tube or plastic cone :125g 100g 250g

Color: silver, gold, mono-color, rainbow, tri-color, red, green, blue, brown, pink, bule, black, etc.

Feature: Pliable, rank high-grade and colorful

Application: emboridery, braids, knitting, cords, ropes, twisting, leaves, lace surface, fishing, ribbon, cloth, accessories.etc.

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ms metallic threadms metallic yarn

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metallic yarn color card


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