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210D/3 Thick Nylon Bonded Thread

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High tenacity 100% nylon bonded sewing thread

Bonded nylon thread is produced from high tenacity continuous filament nylon yarn, Exceptional resistance to abrasion, mildew, rot and many other adverse exposures, i.e. chemicals and sunlight.

Denier of 35d to 500d, with Elongation % Min-Max:14-35. 80% no knot and 20% one knot. Make raw white and dyed color. It is available in different sizes and dimensions.

Main specification:45d/2, 70d/3, 105d/3, 135d/3, 150d/3, 210d/3, 270d/3, 400d/3, 450d/3 and 500d/3 ,etc

High tensile strength and elasticity

Excellent abrasion resistance

Bonded Nylon is the popular choice to use when stitching upholstery, leather, vinyl, and other heavy fabric..

It is rot proofed, chemical & mildew resistant, has high tensile strength, good shock absorption etc.

Bonded Nylon is Nylon 6,6 (sometimes referred to as Nylon 66) which is stronger and has a higher heat tolerance than regular Nylon threads.

Denier PLY Tex (T) Tickets Size Average Strength (kg) Elongation Min-Max (%) Recommended Needle Size   Application
Singer Metric
100D 3 35 80 ≥2.1 13-22 12-14 80-90 Light weight
138D 3 45 60 ≥3.0 23-32 14-16 90-100 Medium weight
210D 3 70 40 ≥4.5 23-32 16-18 100-110 Medium weight
280D 3 90 30 ≥6.0 24-33 16-20 100-120 Heavy weight
420D 3 135 20 ≥9.0 25-34 19-23 120-160 Heavy weight
630D 3 210 13 ≥13.5 25-34 22-24 140-180 Extra heavy weight


210D Bonded thread

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