Polyester Sewing Thread

Dark blue 40/2 spun polyester thread

40/2 Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

Category: More Polyester Sewing Thread

100% Spun polyester thread for Sewing Machine, 40s/2 on the polyester sewing thread spool

Made of 100 strong polyester yarn

Technics : Ring Spun Or TFO

Thread is smooth, high tenacity and Low shrinkage.

Silicone Oil: 3% As normal, can do as requirement

This professional thread can be used for a variety of sewing projects; Add to your sewing, upholstery, supplies, repair kit or set, Perfect for hand sewing and industrial machine sewing on all fabric types.

Product Details

40/2 40s/2 100% Spun Polyester Sewing Thread

Color Chart: over 400 different colors available

Color Cards are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

polyester sewing threads Color chart


polyester sewing threads Packing

Factory: over 30000 tons annual output capacity

polyester sewing threads factory


Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Applications

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