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MH Culture

  • Core Values

    Customers come first - MH is born for customers, and customers justify the existence and meaning of MH.
    core values

    Customers focused

    —MH puts customers’ need first, and puts customers at the center of everything MH does.
    1. Open mind and listen to customer’s need and feedback 
    2. Build a customer-focused business work-flow;
    3. Support the teams that service customers
    4. Pursue excellence and provide customers with better products


    —Go all out for a shared goal together

    1. Set possible clear goals and go all out for the shared goal together;
    2. Create transparency in team with shared information and resources;
    3. Recognize team members accomplishments, and reward teamwork;
    4. Examine and improve teamwork processes and practices;
    5. Creativity, innovation, and different viewpoints are expected and encouraged


    —Embrace changes and innovation

    1. Be open-minded, adapt to the daily changes of the market and customer needs.
    2. Value the diversity of experiences, skills and ideas;
    3. See challenges as opportunities to achieve success.;
    4. Lead, test and implement new, complex and creative initiatives in work;
    5. Reward innovation and celebrate success.

    Pursuing excellence

    —Always doing your best

    1. Embrace the concept of continuous improvement;
    2. Commit to doing what is required to excel;
    3. Stick with the goal until it’s completed
    4. Never give up in front of difficulties and setbacks, keep on seeking breakthroughs and successes;


    —Be honest and take responsibility

    1. Take corporate social responsibility, contributing to society in a meaningful way.
    2. Be honest and trustworthy to partners and staff, never practice fraud;
    3. Take the courage to admit mistakes, accept accountability;
    4. Protect personal and confidential information;
    5. Implement work transparency;
  • MH Dreams

    Garment Accessories

    Garment Accessories -- we focus on garment accessories


    The Kingdom of Tailors' Materials.


    To be the first choice of the worldwide customers with full-category, reasonable-price, ontime-delivery, suitable-quality tailor's material products.


    Continuously enhance brand value and achieve sustained growth in market share and corporate profitability, based on excellent product management, supply chain management, and market management.

  • Social Responsibility

    MH public service activity.

    Corporate social responsibility

    MH recognizes the importance of contributing to society in a meaningful way. Our business practices and policies reflect our commitment to making a positive impact on our society.

    Credible enterprise

    MH was certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and was honored as "Top 500 China Service Industry" and "AAA Trustworthy Company".

    Concerned about environmental protection

    With the growth of China and the global economy, the natural environment is deteriorating. Air, water, and ocean pollution are increasingly serious. MH takes responsibility for protecting the natural environment.
    As a well-known garment accessories enterprise, MH has been practicing green manufacturing for 16 years. It is committed to researching how to reduce pollutant emissions during production processes and has invested in building a sewage treatment laboratory to ensure that factory wastewater and soot meet environmental standards.
    In 2015, MH launched four green ecological embroidery series: dope dyeing, recycled polyester, cationic modified polyester, and Better-Cotton-Initiative. It practices green production from raw materials. In the same year, MH initiated a "green footprint" environmental protection activity, calling on its staff to protect the natural ecology and practice the concept of “green footprint” during outdoor activities.

    green footprint
    solar energy

    Culture Construction

    MH vision: The Kingdom of Tailors' Materials.
    MH Core Values: Customer Focus, Teamwork, Innovation, Passion, and Integrity.
    The internal enterprise founded an "MH Weekly" electronic newspaper, MH WeChat, and other communication platforms to disseminate MH culture.
    MH has special funds to support cultural activities, such as the annual party, team-building activities, staff tourism, etc. MH also has a basketball club, football club, outdoor hiking club, photography club, and others, totaling eight clubs, free for MH staff to have a healthy lifestyle.

    Team building
    table tennis match
    Mid-Autumn Festival balloon diy activity
    Basketball game
    badminton match

    Charity and public service

    MH has set up the "Xiao dou ya" Scholarship Fund to help children in poor villages complete their studies for ten years.
    Every summer, MH volunteers will send cooling gifts to sanitation workers and traffic police. MH supports the "clothing cycle" activity and has donated over 10,000 pieces of clothing to poor villages in Guizhou, Yunnan, and other impoverished areas.
    Every year, MH volunteers will visit the children at the Ningbo Enmeier Children's Welfare Institute, play with them, and give them gifts.

    clothing cycle

    Caring for employees' health

    MH has special funds for staff health. MH has an annual physical examination for all staff, arranges health talks, pioneers healthy lifestyle and health preservation knowledge. Besides, MH has set up the "Firefly" employee mutual fund to help MH staff who have major diseases or have suffered from disasters. The "Firefly" mutual fund has helped more than ten employees in the past two years.

    Health talk