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PP Nonwoven Interlining

Spunbond PP nonwoven fabric refers to nonwoven fabric made from polypropylene (PP) fibers, it is lightweight, breathable, durable and tear-resistant.

Material: 100% New polypropylene or recycled

Weight: Customized

Spunbond PP nonwoven fabric is a versatile and widely used material in various industries.

Hygiene products: PP nonwoven fabric is commonly used in the manufacturing of disposable hygiene products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and medical gowns.
Medical and healthcare: The fabric is used in medical and healthcare settings for products like surgical masks, caps, shoe covers, and medical drapes.
Agriculture: PP nonwoven fabric is used in agriculture for crop covers, mulching, and weed control.
Packaging and bags: The fabric is used for packaging applications such as tote bags, shopping bags, flower bouquets and gift wrapping.
Furniture and bedding: PP nonwoven fabric is used in furniture upholstery, mattress covers, and bedding components.
Geotextiles: PP nonwoven fabric is utilized in geotextile applications for erosion control, soil stabilization, drainage systems, and road construction.

◆ Lead Time: 25-35 days

◆ Samples: Free for normal samples

◆ Customization: Customized logo, Customized packaging

◆ Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight, Air freight

◆ Payment: T/T, L/C ...