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PVC Film

Polyvinyl, also known as poly(vinyl chloride) or PVC, is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic.

It is a very versatile and cost-efficient thermoplastic of good dimensional stability and impact strength (when plasticized), and excellent weathering properties.

It can be easily extruded, calendered and die-cut, and is printable with conventional screen and offset printing methods.

Depending on the composition, it can be clear or matt, colored or white, and rigid or flexible.

It can also be easily reprocessed using heat.

PVC super clear film is mainly used for tablecloths; bedding packages, cosmetic bags, gift wrappers; window film, curtain, shower curtain, wallpaper, tent, waterproof canopy, raincoat, umbrella, printed paper for advertisement, bag for documents and stationery.

PVC Clear Film vs. PVC Super Clear Film:

  • Transparency: PVC super clear film is more transparent than normal PVC clear film, because it’s processed by water filtering, the raw material impurities are filtered out.
  • Stickiness: PVC super clear film without power is sticky, and the higher the oil content and the thinner the film, the stickier it is. While PVC clear film with power is not sticky, or with much less sticky.
  • Pressing: PVC super clear film needs to be pressurized during the production, so it’s flatter. While PVC clear film no.
  • Package: The whole packing is transparent for PVC super clear film, and the inside paper tube is visible, whereas for PVC clear film, its inside paper tube is not visible.