Shoe Soles

Shoes Rubber Sheet

Size: 100*120cm,100*110cm, 60*100cm, 47*70cm, etc.

Thickness: 2.0mm-6.0mm

Hardness: 86-96SHOREA

Material Color: Black, cream color, brown

Surface Color: Can be made according to the requirements of the clients

Surface Processing: Glossy, matt, laminating, dull polishing, paint spraying, leather grain, wood grain, color wiping, drawbench, high temperature printing, etc... Sample or design drawings of the finished sole and semi-finished sole can be posted for die sinking and production.

Product Characteristics: Good surface smoothness, various clear patterns that can be pressed out on the surface, appearance and performance similar to leather, better wear resistance, low cost, skid resistance, and shock absorption.

Applications: Outsole of low-tier, middle-tier and high-tier leather shoes( including children's shoes, women's shoes, men's shoes, gym shoes, leisure shoes, leather shoes and riding boots)


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