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Waist Interlining

100% Polyester or T/C Waistband Interlining

Base Fabric: Coated 100% polyester fabric as base fabric with resin can bring desired hardness, and then coated with high-quality LDPE hotmelt adhesive powder can keep the trousers' waistband in good shape and stable size, and then the hem of the waist is straight, not easy to wrinkle, which can meet the ideal design and modeling requirements.

Also, there are waist interlinings without glue powder, which can be directly sewn onto the waist of casual trousers, making the hem of the waist straight and keeping in shape.

It's cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, and with fast delivery ( within 2 weeks.)

Hand Feel: Hard, Very Hard, Ultrahard

Width: 112cm

Main Models: 2154HHHF, 2154HHHHF, 2350HHF, 4738HHF, etc.

Trousers waist interlining

TC Waistband Interlining 2154HHHF

tc trousers interlining

Composition: Polycotton

Width: 112cm

Weight: 190gsm

Packing: 50m/roll, 2rolls/sack bag

Loading capacity: 55000m

Advantage: Stiff, high strength, easy to bond, wrinkle resistant, with red thread edge stitched.

Application: Mainly applied to trousers' waistband for both men and women.