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Elastic Tape

Elastic webbings are available in either knitted, woven, jacquard or braided varieties in white or black or color.

MH factory supply sewing elastic such as medical elastic, drawcord elastic, buttonhole elastic, gripper elastic, knitted elastic, woven elastic, custom logo jacquard elastic, etc.

   Materials Width Packing
 Woven Elastic Tape Polyester, latex, nylon, spandex 1~15cm Bobbin, roll
 Knitted Elastic Tape Polyester, latex 0.3cm~30cm Bobbin, roll
Jacquard Elastic Tape Polyester, nylon, spandex, latex 1.5~6cm Bobbin, roll


Woven and knitted elastic tape is often used for sewing, crafting, or garment applications.

Jacquard elastic tape is commonly used in various applications such as waistbands, cuffs, and trim on clothing items. It is also used in the production of lingerie, underwear, athletic wear, and medical garments.

Monofilament elastic tapes are commonly used in Orthopedics, prosthetics, sports and athletic wear, and medical garments.

◆ Lead Time: 25-35 days

◆ Samples: Most samples are free, while a few may require a purchase; shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

◆ Customization: Customized logo, Customized packaging

◆ Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight, Air freight

◆ Payment: T/T, L/C ...