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High Tenacity Sewing Thread

MH 100% polyester high tenacity sewing thread also known as Tetoron thread, is a lubricated polyester thread made from high tenacity continuous filament polyester, the soft finish with superior low friction lubrication reduces the effects of needle heat and abrasion, it provides excellent chemical and mold/mildew resistance, and excellent seam durability, good abrasion resistance and consistent sewing performance on automatic sewing machines.

High tenacity sewing thread including 100% polyester high tenacity thread, nylon high tenacity thread, 100% nylon bonded thread.

Material: 100% Filament polyester, 100% nylon

Specs: 120D/2, 150D/2, 210D/3, 840D/3, etc.

Suitable Applications

Polyester high tenacity thread Nylon high tenacity thread Nylon bond thread
Formal tailoring leather goods leather goods
quilting footwear shoes
footwear suitcase & bag suitcase & bag
leather goods sports goods sports goods
bedding/mattress outdoor goods outdoor goods
blind stitching upholstery indoor soft decoration
upholstery / automotive chair
industrial products / airbag

high tenacity sewing thread

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