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Why Choose Us

Since 1999

Established in 1999, Ningbo MH has extensive experience in exporting garment accessories and fabrics to over 100 countries. With a wide range of over 10,000 SKUs, we not only offer products but also provide tailored knowledge and services to meet our customers' unique needs. Collaborating closely with our customers, we strive for sustainable and prosperous growth in every market we serve. By prioritizing our customers, we have gained valuable expertise that seamlessly extends to another crucial aspect: trust.

mh building

MH Brand

Our flagship brands, MH and Two Birds, embody MH's commitment and reputation. We assure our customers and consumers that only premium products are offered by MH, meeting their specific needs. With a profound understanding of fashion trends, we consistently stay ahead, even setting the trends ourselves. This is why MH brands have gained widespread recognition and our products are highly sought after in the market, boasting rapid sales and exceptional consumer satisfaction ratings.

MH Brand

Local Office

MH operates more than 40 branches across 35 countries worldwide. We have a dedicated team of over 100 local staff who personally visit customers, ensuring seamless service delivery on behalf of MH. With just one call, or even without a call, as our staff regularly visit customers, our local team is always ready to provide assistance. Effective communication in the local language further enhances the exchange of information, making it more convenient for everyone involved.

Local Office

MH Factories and Supply Chains

To enhance product competitiveness, MH has been investing in manufacturers since 2001. Currently, MH's sewing thread factory in China stands as one of the largest, boasting an annual capacity of 35,000 tons of polyester thread to meet the growing customer demand. In pursuit of better quality embroidery threads, MH's embroidery thread factory has recently upgraded its advanced machines. Meanwhile, MH's lace embroidery factory, with its team of 100+ designers, releases new fashion designs every week, enabling customers to stay at the forefront of fashion trends. To cater to diverse needs, MH's ribbon and tape factory operates over 2000+ different machines. Additionally, MH has established long-term partnerships with more than 2000 factories, ensuring customers receive the right products of high quality. With a 30000sqm warehouse, efficient logistics, and a year-long contract with shipping lines, MH guarantees the fastest and most cost-effective shipping options for its customers.

SSM TK2-20CT high-speed precision winding machines