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Since 1999

Ningbo MH was established in 1999 and has rich experience in exporting garment accessories and fabrics to more than 100 countries. We offer over 10,000 SKUs and provide not only products but also knowledge and services tailored to our customers' needs. We work together with our customers to achieve healthy and long-term growth in each market.

Our focus on customers has given us valuable expertise that easily translates into another key area of trust.

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MH Brand

Our main brands, MH and Two Birds, represent MH's promise and reputation. We promise our customers and consumers that only qualified products are supplied by MH, and that we provide the right products. We know what consumers need and keep a deep insight into fashion trends, even leading the fashion. That's why MH brands are famous in many areas and MH goods are popular in the market, selling faster with a high rating of consumer satisfaction.

MH Brand

Local Office

MH has 40 overseas branches in 35 countries. 82 local staff are present in the market to visit customers face to face. Their main job is to provide all services to customers on behalf of MH, making it easier and more convenient for customers. With just one call, or even without a call, as our staff will visit customers regularly, our local staff will be ready to provide service to customers. Local language communication also makes information exchange easier.

Local Office

MH Factories and Supply Chains

To build product competitiveness, MH invested in manufacturers since 2001. Now, MH's sewing thread factory is one of the largest in China, producing 3000 tons per month, which satisfies customer's increasing demand. MH's embroidery thread factory has just updated its advanced machines to supply customers with better quality embroidery threads. MH's lace embroidery factory has over 50 designers who issue new fashion designs every week, helping customers lead the fashion trends. MH's ribbon and tape factory has over 3000 different machines to meet customer's needs for different tapes. MH has also set up long-term cooperation with over 2000 factories to supply customers with the right and good products. With MH's 20000sqm warehouse, MH logistic, and MH's year contract with shipping lines, all these ensure the fastest and cheapest logistic for customers. Welcome for factory audit.

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