MH Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouse

MH Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouse construction is progressing rapidly, with the main steel frame being erected and the project on track to meet its completion deadline. Despite adverse conditions, the project team and construction unit have worked together to efficiently coordinate the construction process, ensuring that all components are organized and arranged according to the drawings. The completion of the sorting area's brick wall masonry, secondary structure pouring, and main steel structure frame installation is a testament to the collective efforts of all involved.

Commonsense for Zipper
Zipper Sliders
Zipper Sliders

Commonsense for Zipper

A: Commonly-used Method for Discerning the Quality of Zipper

Band: The dye for the band should be even without stain and scar, Touched by hand, it feels Soft. The band looks like wave in the direction vertically and horizontally.
Teeth: The suface of the teeth should be smooth. When used, it fees soft without noise.
Brace: The brace should go smoothly and freely,fastened but willnot come off.
Hem: The hem fits the band will without breaking and coming off. Separating pin of separating unit and retainer of Scaparating unit: Square Bolt can be adopted freely.
Top Stop: The top-stop must come together with the first tooth on metal zippers and wilon. But the distance can not be over lmm and should should be firm and looks fine.
End stop: The bottom stop must come together with the teeth or be fastened on surface and should be firm and look fine.

B: Tips for Selecting the Zipper

Different zipper suits different conditions, hence when buying zippers the following matters should be pointed out to the manufacturer:
1. Where will the zipper be used(such as leat her trunk, footwear, jackit, raincoat, tent, jeans needing hard washing and leather products with high acidity)or other special special requirements.
2. requirements for the content or zipper:does not need containing AZO or nickel and pass needle detector.

C: Allowable Tolerance of Zipper Length

Due to the inertie caused by the speed of machine operation during the manufacfacturing of zipper as will as the completeness of the teeth, there will appear allowable tolerance.
The longer the zipper is the bigger the allowable will be.

Allowable Tolerance provided by MH zipper
Size Specification(mm)
Base Spec. Tolerance
3# ≤315 ±3
﹥315~630 ±5
﹥630~1000 ±6
﹥1000 ±(L×1%)
4# ≤315 ±4
5# ﹥315~630 ±6
7# ﹥630~1000 ±7
﹥1000 ±(L×1%)
8# ≤315 ±5
10# ﹥315~630 ±7
﹥630~1000 ±9
﹥1000 ±(L×1%)
Allowable Tolerance provided by japanese enterprise in the NEW Century Fair
Zipper Length(cm) Allowable Tolerance
below 30 ± 5mm
30-below60 ±10mm
60-below100 ±15mm
above100 ± 3%

Type of Zipper

Type of Zipper
Closed-end Zipper
Open-end Zipper
Two Way Open End
Zipper (separable)
Two Way Close-end
Zipper O Tape
Two Way Close-end
Zipper X Tape

Methods of Zipper Measurement

Classification Dimensions

A=The standard length of the zipper
A1=Forth head tape
A2=Back head tape

Closed-end Zipper From the top end of the slider to the
tip of the bottom stop.
Closed-end Zipper
Open-end Zipper From the top end of the slider to the
tip of the open part.
Open-end Zipper
Two Way Open End Zipper From the top end of the slider to the
tip of the bottom end of the
supplementary tape.
Two Way Open End Zipper
Zipper with Double Slider
(Arranged in Head-Relation)
From the top end of the slider to the
tip of the tip of the other bottom stop.
Zipper with Double Slider
Zipper with Double Slider
(Arranged in Bottom-to-
Bottom Relation)
From the top end of the slider to the
tip of the tip of the other bottom stop.
Zipper with Double Slider
THIES pressure dryer
At the beginning of October, the THIES pressure dryer of the second stage of the dyeing workshop of MH Zhenhai Polyester Thread Factory was officially put into use. It has the following advantages: 

1. Guarantee perfect yarn quality
2. Save time and energy
3. Optimize design, save space and save energy

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