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Core Spun Sewing Thread

Corespun threads are made by wrapping a staple polyester or cotton wrapper around a continuous filament bundle of polyester fibers during spinning and then plying these yarns into a sewing thread.

Material: 100% Spun polyester

Count: 20s/2, 28s/2, 29s/2, 36s/2, 40s/2, 45s/2, etc.

There are two types of corespun sewing thread.

They are poly wrapped poly core and the cotton wrapped poly core

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Annex 6 passed

Core spun threads are recommended for use on outdoor performance, sportswear, woven outerwear and fashion jackets, jeans, leather products, etc.

oeko tex sewing thread s

polyester sewing thread color card

◆ Lead Time: 25-35 days

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