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Sportswear Zipper

Types of Zippers for Sportswear and Jackets

Nylon Coil Zippers

Description: Made from a continuous coil of nylon filament.

Features: Lightweight, flexible, and strong.

Usage: Commonly used in lightweight sportswear, jackets, and activewear due to their flexibility and smooth operation.

sportswear nylon zipper


Plastic Molded Zippers

Description: Made from molded plastic teeth.

Features: Lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion.

Usage: Suitable for sports jackets, casual jackets, and outerwear that require a robust and smooth-operating zipper.

Plastic Molded Zippers


Waterproof Zippers

Description: Zippers with a water-resistant coating or a sealed tape to prevent water penetration.

Features: Water-resistant, protects against moisture.

Usage: Ideal for rain jackets, outdoor sportswear, and waterproof jackets.

jacket waterproof zippers


Reversible Zippers

Description: Can be operated from both sides.

Features: Versatile, allows garments to be worn inside out or with reversible designs.

Usage: Used in reversible jackets and versatile sportswear designs.

jacket reversible zippers


Two-Way (Dual) Zippers

Description: Have two sliders that can be opened from either end.

Features: Provides more flexibility in ventilation and access.

Usage: Common in longer jackets, parkas, and coats where opening from the bottom can provide ease of movement and sitting comfort.

jacket two-way zippers


Invisible Zippers

Description: Concealed within the seam, with only the pull tab visible.

Features: Provides a sleek and clean look.

Usage: Typically used in sportswear for a seamless appearance, though less common in heavy-duty jackets.

jacket invisible zippers


Reflective Zippers

Description: Zippers with reflective tape or coating.

Features: Enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

Usage: Used in sportswear and jackets designed for running, cycling, or other activities performed in low light.

jacket reflective zippers