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Robe Interlining

100% Polyester Robe Interlining or TC Robe Interlining

Base Fabric: 100% Polyester base fabric or polyester cotton blended base fabric is resilient and thick.

Coated with good resin can achieve the hardness we need, then coated with high-quality LDPE hotmelt adhesive powder and sewn it to an Arab robe or any other robe can make the robe's collar maintain a stable size, which is elegant in design.

Hand Feel: Hard, Very Hard, Ultrahard.

Width: 112cm

Main Models: 1756HHHHF/1658HHHF

T/C Robe Interlining 1756HHHHF

Composition: Polycotton

Width: 112cm

Weight: 250gsm

Packing: 50m/roll, 2rolls/sack bag

Loading capacity: 43000m

Advantage: Stiff, thick, good shaping effect, cheap, with black thread edge stitched.

Application: Mainly applied to collars and plackets of Arab robes or any other robe.

TC Robe Interlining

Middle and High-Class Robe Interlining

Width: 110cm

Weight: 300-800gsm

Main Models: 2355, 2365, 4655, 4665, etc.

Base Fabric: Environmental combed or semi-combed T/C or 100% polyester fabric with pre-shrinking treatment, the fabric surface is flat and smooth. Then processed by LDPE lamination technique makes the base fabric into robe interlining.

The interlining can be applied to the robes' collar or placket to make it stable in size, and stiff in shape, bringing a classy outfit

Hand Feel: Hard, Very Hard, Ultrahard

Laminating Techniques: Single-layer single-sided lamination; single-layer double-sided lamination; double-layer single-sided lamination; double-layer double-sided lamination.

Collar Robe Interlining