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Hat Interlining

100% Polyester Hat Interlining

Width: 112cm

Main Model: 1032HHF, 1032HHHF, 1038HHF, 1038HHHF, etc.

Hand Feel: Hard, Very Hard, Ultrahard

Base Fabric: Coated 100% polyester fabric as base fabric with resin can bring desired hardness, and then coated with high-quality LDPE hotmelt adhesive powder can keep the baseball cap and sun hat in good structural shape and stable size, at the same time, we can improve the sewing efficiency and anti-wrinkling performance.

Also, MH supplies 100% polyester hat interlining without glue, it can be sewn directly on the hat brim (hat interlining with glue is used on top of the hat.)

It's cost-effective, the price is relatively cheap, and with fast delivery.

Polyester Hat Interlining

100% Polyester Hat Interlining 1032HHF

Polyester Hat Interlining

Width: 112cm and 150cm

Weight: 220gsm

Packing: 50m/roll, 2rolls/sack bag

Loading capacity: 112cm: 38000m; 150cm: 30000m

Advantage: Stiff, good resilience, good shaping effect, good wrinkle resistance, and not easy to deform.

Application: Mainly applied to baseball cap and sunbonnet.