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Lace Factory

Ningbo MH Embroidery Lace is a comprehensive enterprise that seamlessly integrates every aspect of the industry chain. From research and development to design, production, and sales of exquisite embroidery lace products, we cover it all.

MH Factory boasts a dedicated production space spanning over 50,000 square meters. With seven sample production lines and a research and development area of 1,000 square meters, we strive for excellence in every aspect. Our team of over 100 R&D engineers, coupled with a vast collection of more than 500 imported computerized embroidery machines, allows us to achieve unparalleled craftsmanship. With an annual output of 18 million meters of lace, we take pride in our workforce of over 460 skilled employees.

Our extensive database comprises 200,000 unique lace designs, showcasing our versatility and commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion. From chemical guipure lace and cotton lace to wedding tulle lace and embroidery mesh fabric, our range embodies elegance and sophistication. Explore our collection of 3D lace fabric, laser-cut lace fabric, eyelash lace, raschel lace, sequins lace, motif and lace collars, as well as other fashion accessories.

At MH Lace Factory, we combine artistry with innovation, delivering exceptional quality and style to our valued customers.

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MH boasts an impressive collection of 506 sets of shuttle computerized embroidery machines, carefully sourced from Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea. In addition, we possess 118 sets of looms, 84 sets of computerized jacquard machines, 16 sets of inspection equipment, and 21 dyeing production lines. Our state-of-the-art facilities also include the renowned Germany MONFORTS fabric width setting machine, as well as an automatic dye auxiliaries weighing and conveying system.

lace factory
  • drawing room

    Drawing Room

  • Multi-head Embroidery Machine

    Multi-head Embroidery Machine

  • shuttle embroidery machine

    Shuttle Embroidery Machine

  • dyeing and testing

    Dyeing & Testing

MH lace factory advantage

  • Customize

    MH provides not only lace products, but 360°customized embroidery Lace.

    A. Inspire | Cloud Library with Intelligent Search for Lace Patterns After 15 years of collecting extensive data, our cloud library now boasts 52 lace categories and over 200,000 lace patterns. This vast collection serves as an endless source of fashion inspiration, accessible through our intelligent search system.

    B. Innovate | Customized Fashion Lace through New Product Development Equipped with an R&D team of over 100 experts and supported by 17 sample production lines, we consistently create 100 new designs and samples every month. Our 6 new product development modes facilitate easier customization of lace fashion.

    C. Protect | Originality and Copyright Safeguarding With 19 new product patents and over 100 pattern copyrights obtained each month, we prioritize safeguarding creative works. Our "original + copyright protection" system grants exclusive rights to each customer, simplifying the process of bringing fashion to the global market.

  • Quick

    Quick wisdom industry chain, delivery time limit must be achieved.

    A. Swift Design
    Our team of over 100 experienced designers and plate-making engineers bring fashion inspiration to life in no time.

    B. Speedy Sampling
    With 17 dedicated sample production lines, we transform "drawings" into tangible lace fabric faster than ever before.

    C. Expedited Production
    Our 7 large factories boast a production capacity of 18 million square meters per year, supported by a comprehensive industry chain configuration. Rest assured, large orders will be delivered on time without any worries.

    D. Efficient Logistics
    Equipped with a modern warehouse spanning 30,000 square meters and strong partnerships with reputable logistics companies, we guarantee prompt delivery of goods.

  • Services

    Full time On demand: full range of consultancy services, 360 degrees to solve customer concerns

    A. Swift Service

    Our goal is to provide prompt and convenient service to our valued customers. With a dedicated team of 100 consultants, we offer personalized assistance to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

    B. Guaranteed Quality

    We adhere to a rigorous quality control system, incorporating 18 standardized product inspection processes and a zero-defect management system. Our unwavering commitment to quality makes it our utmost priority.

    C. Timely Delivery Assurance

    To ensure timely delivery, we have implemented 4 lean production management systems and a visual management process throughout the order production process. This eliminates any concerns our customers may have regarding delivery time.

    D. Hassle-Free After-Sales Support

    We have established 7 comprehensive after-sales policies to effectively cater to our customers' needs in every aspect. This ensures that our customers feel secure and supported even after their purchase.

Geometric variation

Excellent work of 2018 China International Fabrics Creation
Source of inspiration

Source of inspiration

Design draft
Design draft
Sample draft
Sample draft
Finished product
Finished product