MH Webbing & Tape Factory

At MH Webbing & Tape Factories, we boast an impressive array of machinery. Our facilities are equipped with seven warping machines, two covering machines, one hundred shuffle and shuffle-less looms, one hundred computer jacquard looms, and one thousand five hundred spindle looms. These cutting-edge machines enable us to achieve an annual production of elastic bands, PP webbing, and bias tapes totaling 1,000 tons and 500 million meters.

Webbing Factory Video

  • Warping machine

    Warping Machine

  • Covering machine

    Covering Machine

  • Shuttle Loom

    Shuttle Loom

  • Knitting Loom

    Knitting Loom

  • Spinning Machine

    Spinning Machine

Bias Tape Factory

The Bias Tape Workshop employs over 100 skilled workers and is equipped with advanced machinery, including a spreader, ultrasonic machines, band-cutter sewing machines, bias cutting machines, cutting machines, fusing machines, flat sewing machines, and cotton bias tape winders. With an impressive annual output of 500 million meters, the workshop produces a wide range of high-quality bias binding tape, including satin polyester, cotton, T/C, metallic, and leather variations, as well as bias piping cord.

Bias Tape Factory Video

  • Rolling Machine

    Rolling Machine

  • Fusing Machine

    Fusing Machine

  • Ironing Machine

    Ironing Machine

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