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Business Tour | MH in Ecuador

Today, Stefan offers insights from his tour in Ecuador, where he serves in the Business Department 3, focusing on markets in Central and South America.

The Second Ecuador Tour

Once again crossing the ocean to arrive in Ecuador, SouthAmerica, memories of a few years ago rushed to my mind as the plane landed. This was my first time taking the lead. I brought two large boxes of currently popular textile products and many sample booklets accumulated over the years.

Visit Old Customers

Accompanied by local staff, we embarked on a 3-week visitation mission. Most of these customers were developed during the pandemic years, and many were meeting us for the first time. After visiting more than 30 customers, more than 10 expressed intentions to place orders. I was delighted that many customers were interested in the samples I brought and were willing to try to introduce them to develop the market together. However, the focus was more on promoting old products.

2024 Ecuador business tour 3

New Markets

This trip also took us to two new cities to develop new customers. Seeing many of our company's products in stores, whether under the MH brand or client brands, confirmed our company's significant market position. Competition is everywhere. Only by taking the lead in helping customers find the right products can we gain their trust and find business growth opportunities.