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Business Tour | MH in Morocco

Sales Introduction

Today, Jalal shares insights gained from his assignment in Morocco, where he is a key member of Business Department 1, with a focus on the North African markets.

Developing the business in Morocco for 10 years

Since first going to Morocco in 2013, I have been deeply involved in the market for over a decade. I increasingly realize the irreplaceability of local offices.

The high-speed rail, operational for three years, has reduced the travel time between the two largest port cities from nearly 5 hours to  2 hours, greatly facilitating communication and development of new markets. Although the transformations in major cities cannot be described as "soaring," the changes are visibly significant. Casablanca has gained a "Finance City," with new skyscrapers emerging like the "New Eastern City"; Day by day, the seemingly unchanging "market" has added several new light rail lines. While all aspects are thriving, the active areas are quietly changing due to changes in infrastructure and transportation. This is information that frontline liaison staff can capture the fastest.

From initial text exchanges to later phone communications and now fostering video contacts with clients, we've gradually closed the distance and nurtured client relationships. However, none of these can compare to offline communication.